Work Examples

Driven Data – Helped over 50 dealers improve paid advertising performance metrics. Improved client marketing metric tracking and troubleshooting both inside advertising platforms & tracking software. Developed, built out, and trained on marketing processes, onboarding and launch requirements, and marketing improvements. Worked cross-departmentally to QA client processes throughout their lifecycle. Improved catalog match rate consistently month over month for all clients during the longest automotive inventory shortage in decades.

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Corvias Property Management – Helped 13 Military installations increase their occupancy to 95% or above, in under 1 year, through expanded digital marketing efforts. Helped achieve and maintain an average of 35%-45% open rate for resident newsletters. Helped establish and maintain a 80%-90% under 24 hour response time on social media channels. Built out all new social media guidelines, best practices, and processes for the company. Built out all new digital marketing strategy, processes, and reporting for the company.

Client* Helped increase a client’s revenue by 225% in 9 months, while working at Brasco ///. *Prior employment agreements prevent me from disclosing the name & further details of the client mentioned.

Brasco /// – Increased internal leads at Brasco/// by over 150% in 9 months. This was done by a combination of SEO, Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, and Online Reputation Management.

Sprout Media Lab – Helped over 50 clients reclaim their online local footprint through the use of local SEO, brand reputation management, and listing management.

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Client* – Helped a client win a prestigious fan favorite award through social media, while working at Sprout Media Lab. *Prior employment agreements prevent me from disclosing the name & further details of the client mentioned.

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Webstreak – Maintained 100+ PPC campaigns at once. Created a brand new quality assurance process for the company.

Erin and her group at Lebanon Valley College designed a tumblr page for a new blog we launched in April. Erin’s knowledge of tumblr and its capabilities was refreshing and welcomed. She provided ideas and designs that fit our wish list and constructed our page based on our top needs. Erin was wonderful to work […]

Tara Ober

Erin is a strong critical thinker with a broad set of technology skills. She has performed internships in SEO and Web Design and has built significant knowledge about digital marketing and social media. Erin is a good listener and works well collaboratively. Erin works well independently and shows the professional maturity to follow-through on projects […]

Joel Kline, Ph.D.