Jonathan Bentz

Erin was a well-qualified intern candidate when I tapped her to join the team at ProspectMX as an Internet Marketing Assistant. Erin grasped the basic concepts of SEO strategies very quickly, which made her transition into being a producing team member almost instant – a manager could not have asked for more. During my time as Erin’s manager, she gained a lot of experience optimizing websites using WordPress with plugins like All-In-One SEO, SEO Ultimate, and Yoast WordPress SEO. She also gained experience utilizing off-page SEO softwares and Google tools like Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Her reports and analysis from these tools proved very valuable to the decisions we made on client campaigns each week, and the efficiency of her production was far greater than freelancers and other production assistants before her who considered themselves “SEO experts.” I would highly recommend Erin for a position as a Marketing Analyst or as an Assistant Marketing Manager for any company looking to make the web work better for them after she completes her education. Her future is bright. I look forward to seeing what successes it holds for her.