Freelance Examples

I have designed 2 different iterations of the Plainfield Farmers Fair website since 2017. I maintain and update the website with new content multiple times a year. It is a basic starter website, however the simplified user experience has helped draw over 1100 users to the website each July in preparation for the fair. For a very tiny size fair, that draws large crowds to a rural part of PA, the optimized experience was crucial. View the website here.
My family had a reunion at my parents place and I created the invitations to send out to our extensive family.
My senior year of college at LVC, I work alongside a group in my senior capstone class for the Palmyra Shade Tree Committee. They needed us to help promote the idea of planting trees in Palmyra, PA. Our group sub-divided into groups to help accomplish this task. I worked specifically with the web team to develop a website for the committee that would be sponsored on the borough’s website upon completion. We created a Weebly website for the committee. Other parts of the team came up with the content for the website. Click to view site.
In my senior year at LVC a group of students and I worked with a business in Lebanon, PA called Sexual Assault Resource & Counseling Center, or SARCC. We developed a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) simple strategies handbook. This short document is also attached below for you to view in PDF format. We also developed a redesign for their website. It is a working prototype, available to view here.
This is an advertisement posted around campus to engage students to become part of the club.
I was the president of the Epilepsy Awareness Club and created this fundraiser & the advertising for this event.
I created this poster for the Yearbook. It was to encourage students to submit photos to the yearbook and buy a yearbook.
This was a bulletin ad I made for a local church’s chili cook off.
This was a bulletin ad I made for a local church’s chili cook off.
I created this ad for a local school function.
In my freshman year of college I was tasked with learning most of the Adobe Creative Suite. One of the projects to accomplish this was putting together a how to guide of our choosing. Since dance remains a strong passion of mine, that is what I chose.