Career Discovery: A Series

As I am spending time applying jobs (during a pandemic), I am finding myself reflecting on my personal journey over the last seven years. I am often questioning how or if I should pivot my career while trying to really dig into the larger question of “Is this where I want to be in life?”. You know, the cliché thing for unemployed 28 year old’s to do (sarcasm).

Rather than have all these jumbled thoughts and questions just running rampant in my brain, I have decided that I want to share them. I am taking a leap of faith that someone, somewhere, will read parts of this series and relate to it.

I am calling it “Career Discovery” because while it will be a reflection of my career choices thus far, it will also expand on my personal growth (discoveries), during that time. I fully intend for this series to be a two way conversation, and encourage readers to comment. I do not have all the answers, and I would love the wisdom from anyone who reads any part of the series.

I am challenging myself to finish writing about all of this by the end of 2020. So stay tuned for the first official post in my “Career Discovery” journey. See you there.

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